Colourful and Timeless in design, uncompromising in quality

LOTT. gioielli

With jewellery from LOTT. gioielli you get tomorrow’s trends today; always in a creative and original way, but without losing focus on quality and beauty.

Quality, innovation, creativity and most importantly: beauty are keywords describing the Belgian brand “LOTT. gioielli”

About LOTT. gioielli

Limited quantities, exclusivity and handmade are the essentials of the popular brand LOTT.gioielli. Timeless in design, and uncompromising in quality are the simplest way to describe the design philosophy behind the brand. All the jewellery from LOTT. gioielli is handmade with the utmost attention to detail and each design is only available in limited numbers. A consistent focus on style, materials and quality are central in all the jewellery collections.

The jewellery is handmade and inspired by the nature’s many colours and shades. However, the nature is not only a source of mental inspiration it is also visible in the brand’s designs, which are all made from natural materials.

The Jewellery from LOTT. gooielli

LOTT. gioielli is inspired by different trends and although the brand now has many collections, it always aims to deliver jewellery that exudes exclusivity and originality. All the designs are made in sterling silver or plated with yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. They are also available with a matt or a shiny finish.

The jewellery from LOTT. gioielli are great to style your minimalist outfit with for a little edge. Go for cool bangles in bright colours or LOTT. gioielli’s beautiful statement earrings – it’s fun and easy to wear and you’ll be amazed how they add newness to your outfit.

The colourful beaded statement earrings and hoops will take you from dull to extravaganza in seconds. The hero pieces which originally made the brand well known in Belgium are the different coloured geometric shaped resin earrings, which will lighten up any rainy day.

LOTT. gioielli – About the Designer

LOTT. gioielli is a Belgian jewellery brand that specializes in handmade jewellery. The company was founded in 2010 by sisters Dominique and Charlotte, who wanted to create a brand with the key words: quality, innovation, creativity and most importantly: beauty in the forefront. Each piece of jewellery from the hands of the two women is designed and made with attention and love for an extraordinary style.

Dominique and Charlotte are inspired by the diversity of colours and the richness of our nature which is why all LOTT. gioielli’s designs are made with natural materials. In every design, they strive to reflect the beauty of our planet. Dominique and Charlotte’s mission is to be able to offer you tomorrow’s trends today in a creative and original way, without compromising the quality and beauty of their designs.

LOTT. gioielli Jewellery – Why we love it

We are fans of LOTT. gioielli’s playful universe and the fact that the pieces are only made in a limited number. It makes them even more exclusive and unique and you can be sure, that you don’t see tons of other other ladies with the same earrings as you. The small pendants with letters are also great for creating a personal statement as a unique piece for yourself or someone special to you.

We are happy to be able to give you the opportunity to explore our wide range of the jewellery designs from LOTT. gioielli here at The Jewellery Room. Take a look at the Belgian label’s delicate rings, large bracelets and iconic earrings and chains.

Bring out your happiest childhood memories, deeply connected to nature and freed spirits, by pairing funky Glassberry Square earrings in Champaign with a flirty moving summer dress. Dutch meets Scandi is the motto we go for. The Dutchness in the quality aspect and the Scandi in the effortless “Scandichic” we all strive for.


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